Spring Air Naturapedic Mattress – Bonnell Plus Latex 6 Inch


Spring Air Naturapedic Mattress is designed to relieve pressure off your muscles and joint’s, and cradles your shoulders and hips to support your spine. The mattress is made from quality Latex, specially imported from Belgium. Latex mattress are orthomedically recommended for people suffering from back problem. Moreover Spring Air Naturapedic Mattress is Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial & Eco-friendly.

Spring Air Naturapedic Mattress is a blend of two sleeping technologies with the cooling comfort of the latex and the deep support of the springs to provide you with best quality sleep. The Naturapedic mattress are soft mattress.

Some Prominent Features Of  SpringAir Naturapedic Mattress are :-

*Mattress Composition:-

The SpringAir Naturapedic Mattress is a premium and comfortable soft mattress. Made of quality Latex, specially imported from Belgium. The lower layer of the mattress is made of Bonnel spring which gives the required support to the mattress. The entire mattress is upholstered with premium Poly Quilted Jacquard knitted fabric which enhances luxurious stress-free sleep.

*Single Side Mattress:-

The Naturapedic Bonnel spring Mattress from SpringAir can be used one the Latex side only. The Latex in the mattress gives comfort and relief to you spine and back. It is not advisable to use the mattress on the other side,

*Soft Back Support :-

The Mattress is orthopedically recommended to relieve you from back pain and stress. It is widely acknowledged that Latex is the best material is sleep on to avoid back problems and also get relief from beck pain.

*5 Years Warranty:-

The SpringAir Naturapedic Mattress is covered under 5 years warranty against sagging. The mattress is durable and ensures that it is worth every penny spent.

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Spring Air Naturapedic Mattress comes with a combination of Bonnell spring plus natural latex. The Spring Air Naturapedic Bonnel spring mattress is one side usable and we don’t recommend you to turn and use it upside down. Made of superior knitted fabric on top and anti- skid fabric in the bottom.

  • Thickness : 6 Inches
  • Warranty : 5 years

Additional information


Spring Air

Model Name

Spring Air – Naturapedic Bonnell + Latex 6 Inch


Spring Mattress


6 inches


5 Years

Package Content

1 piece


PRESSURE-RELIEVING – Good for muscles and joints, and cradles your shoulders and hips to support your spine.; QUALITY LATEX – Top quality latex foam imported from belgium.; ANTI-BACTERIAL – It is Anti-Microbial, Anti-Bacterial & Ecofriendly


The color of the mattress will vary based on stock availability; One side useable (Never Turn)


Superior quality knitted fabric(Top layer); Anti-skid superior fabric(Bottom layer)


Double (75" X 60"), Double (78" X 60" Inch), King (78" X 72" inch), Single (72" X 36" Inch)


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