Havells Quatro Digital Water Heater


Vitreous Enamel Coated Tank with single Weld Line Design

A. Made of Ultra thick super cold rolled steel plates
B. Provides more corrosion resistance and anti-rust properly resulting in longer life compared to standard inner tank designs.
C. A die-hard life span for inner tank and more than 25% strength than S.S. tank, ensured by multiple on line testing including

  • Uric Acid Test
  • Anti Alkaline Test
  • Fatigue Test
  • Environment Synchronization Test

Incoloy Heating Element

Incoloy 800 glass coated Heating element offers superior heating performance
resistance to both oxidation & carbonization at high temp. setting. Also resists erosion against most
extreme and hard water conditions thus extending life span of heating elements with minimum energy loss.

Energy Saving High Density PUF Insulations

CFC free thicker PUF insulation offers complete protection against radiant heat loss

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker – ELCB

Havells water heaters is equipped with an earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) which will cut off the power immediately in case
of any current leakage.The main purpose of earth leakage circuit breaker is to prevent injury to humans due to electric shocks.

Inner Tank

Inner tank made of extra thick superior cold rolled steel

Eco Mode with Energy Saving

Best energy saving temperature
setting proposal is 55 degree centigrade. Water Heater keeps the
water temperature at 550C by cycling working for 24 hours with
lower power consumption and 550C energy saving symbol will
start flashing on Digital Screen.

Digital Clock

Clock to set ?Real Time?, ?Auto off Time?,
?Auto on Time? ( 24 hour Time Clock)

Wireless Remote Controller

The function and operation of remote-control is the same as the control panel on the water heater.
More convenient for user to operate the product.

Digital Temperature Setting

25 degree centigrade to 75 degree centigrade

Smart Mode (Sets start & stop time)

Setting automatic operation of water heater for Auto off and Auto on time.

Timer Mode (Auto Memory Function)

Water Heater will ensure a hot water supply with set temp. at the required time.
(During bathing time it will keep heating for 1 hour to ensure constant flow of hot water supply ), for rest of hours it remains in standby mode. It features a timely hot water supply everyday for special demand with better energy saving performance

Whirl Flow Technology

The whirl flow ensures no immediate direct contact between cold and hot water for a faster heating and
maximum energy saving effect.

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  • Smart mode Digital Temperature Setting
  • Over Heat Cut Off
  • Colour : White Grey
  • Capacity: 15 Ltrs/ 25 Ltrs
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) in Cms: 48.5 x 43.5 x 40
  • Weight: 11 Kg /14 Kg
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Warranty: 2 Years Heating Elements, 5 Years on Tank
  • Heat Settings : 25 degree centigrade to 75 degree centigrade
  • Eco Mode Digital Clock Whirl Flow technology

Additional information



Model Name

Havells quatro 15 Ltr Digital Water Heater

Dimensions (W x H x D) in Cms

48.5 x 43.5 x 40


White & Grey

Sales Package

1 Geyser , Power cord with 3 pin plug, 1 manual , Wall mounting accessory


Storage Water Heater


11 Kg


15 Litres


2 Years Heating Elements, 5 Years on Tank


Fibre ABS

Packing dimension ( L x W x H) in Mm

510 x 490 x 435


15 Ltr, 25 Ltr


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