Bathla Mobidry Cloth Drier Pristine

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WOW !!! Clothes dryer stand with wheels .Now you no need to carry your clothes to the stand .This one of its kind mobile drying solution helps dry the clothes of an entire family at one go. What’s more, it removes a big burden off your shoulders! You need not carry wet clothes to the clothesline, instead you can draw the drier closer to the washing area, remove the clothes from the washing machine and put them on the clothesline.

And that is not all !!! This cloth drying stand is big enough to accommodate quite a lot and can be extended up to 20 metres which means you can dry the entire family’s clothes at one go! To add to that, it is endowed with uniquely designed hooks that keep the clothes in place and prevent them from flying away or falling down.

And the features are not done yet . When not in use you can fold it and keep it wherever convenient. It does not occupy much space and can be easily stored. What more can one expect from a cloth drying stand ?

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  • It comes to your rescue
  • Drying rack with specially designed hooks
  • Portable all weather proof
  • Hassle free storage

Additional information



Model Name

Mobidry – Pristine


Blue and White


Cloth Stand

Dimensions(L x B x H)

200 cms x 67 cms x 103 cms


2 years

Other Features

Socks holder, Safety lock, Adjustable lines, Hanger holder, Easy stroll wheel, clip bag




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